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  • Traveling in the meadows of Grevena...

    Traveling in the meadows of Grevena...

  • A four season fairytale...

    A four season fairytale...

  • Spring Creations...

    Spring Creations...

  • The evolution of nature!

    The evolution of nature!

  • The

    The "mountain beaches" of Greece!

  • Meet Drakolimni of Tymfi!

    Meet Drakolimni of Tymfi!

Family Destinations in Greece


H.C.M.’s motto is the conviction that real objects, direct experiences and entertainment, support and enhance learning!

Live the Olympics... Be an Olympian for a day! 

The Acropolis Museum supports independent learning by making available backpacks filled with activities and ‘family trails’ for families with young children, free of charge.

Family activities in the wonderful Xirokambi village by Mosaic Art Greece!


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