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#Museumlearning - New English Webinar

By the Museum of Cycladic Art and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens E-Learning!

By the Museum of Cycladic Art and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens E-Learning!

“#museumlearning Museums and children in the new age”!

The Museum of Cycladic Art and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens are launching an innovative anglophone webinar on the relation between museums and children. “#Museumlearning” focuses on the connection between formal and non-formal education and examines learning initiatives that engage students and children visiting with their families.

It is addressed to teachers, museum educators, professionals of the cultural sector, parents and anyone interested in museum learning. All audiovisual material is accompanied by captions to respond to the needs of individuals with hearing loss.

The Educational Department of the Museum of Cycladic Art, one of the first to operate in Greece, shares its 30-year experience and wisdom through this eLearning program to help participants develop much needed professional understanding and competences.

The program is structured in eight units, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the learning process achieved in the museum, starting with the theoretical background, moving on to good practices from cultural organizations around the world, and finally providing guidelines. The units are enriched by videos of lectures, notes written for this program and suggested bibliography.

The programme is scheduled to start on the 8th of April and will last for 8 weeks; the Greek webinar on museums and children will be offered again in May.

“Museums constantly evolve in order to respond to new scientific and museological research, archaeological findings and worldwide trends. Today they abandon old practices of museum involvement and knowledge communication, in order to offer unique experiences to their visitors. As learning needs of visitor groups change, so do expectations of the museum sector and museum professionals are expected to develop relevant skills.”  Ms. Sandra Marinopoulos, President

“With over 30 years of valuable experience in perfecting mainstream program and testing innovating approaches we won’t be focusing as much on theory but we will help you work methodically and systematically and understand through good and bad practices, international and regional, through a carefully structured schedule that includes videos, notes written and addressed to the webinar participants and suggested bibliography.” Professor Nikos Chr. Stampolidis, Director  

“You will learn about the latest developments in museum learning, you will be trained to understand the individual needs of different visitor groups, you will study examples and best practices to identify those elements that can create a successful experience, and you will examine and understand the basic characteristics of various learning means and you will be in a position to choose the one more suitable learning tool for the audience you wish to address. Throughout the duration of the program you will be given tools and pathways to design your own educational practices, and feedback on your ideas to use after the program.” Ms. Marina Plati, Director, Educational Department

Starting date: 08/04/2019
Duration: 8 weeks
To apply and for more information:
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
tel: +30 2103 689 359, +30 2103 689 319

Museum of Cycladic Art
Neofytou Douka 4 and Vasilisis Sofias & Irodotou 1 106 74 Athens
T: (+30) 210 7228321-3

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