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Greece – A 365 Day Destination

Visit Greece | Greece – A 365 Day Destination (Narrative) (English)

Bustling cities, small traditional villages, breathtaking nature, rich culture, imposing archaeological sites, mesmerising islands, savoury culinary treats and recipes form a fascinating destination.

Enjoy Greece all year round, as each season has something special to offer. Uncover Greece's hidden treasures!

Direction: Andonis Theocharis Kioukas
Script: Don Morgan Nielsen
Music: Rene Aubry
Camera: Konstantinos Arvanitakis
Editing: Konstantinos Arvanitakis- Andonis Theocharis Kioukas
Titling: Christos Megarchiotis

Archive Footage:
• Greek National Tourism Organization
• Attica Region
• Crete Region
• Epirus Region
• Peloponnese Region
• South Aegean Region
• West Macedonia Region
• Gaea Products S.A., Crete
• Thodoris Papadoulakis, Crete
• Menelaos Sykovelis, Epirus
• Studio Trasias, Kastoria
• Ioannis Beinas, Olympus Mountain
• Giannis Zarzonis, Halkidiki/Pieria
• Costas Zissis, Athens
• Stavros Loulourgas, Amorgos
• Alexandros Skouras-Fotis Michail, Zappion-Athens
• Sotiris Visaltis, Thrace
• Katerina Topouzoglou, Underwater footage


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