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Peek at Greek - Educational Traveling in Greece!

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We are inviting you in a unique tour in the language and culture of Greece!

Peek at Greek company consists of a group of teachers specialized in the acquisition of Greek as a second / foreign language who are distinguished for their rich experience and passion for teaching. So, they decided to combine their love for the language with their love for every element of history and culture!

They enjoy teaching you Greek while walking in the greek streets and alleys, learning history and chatting with locals, as you come in contact with the greek nature, art and entertainment. You will discover the language that is hidden in greek songs, movies, tales and traditional recipes.

You will come, therefore, out of the limits of the standard class and you will learn Greek through traveling, hiking or making a historic walk.

Peek at Greek addresses to people who want to learn Greek and to Greeks living abroad who wish to strengthen their Greek language. Also, you can attend courses for groups or families who wish to spend creative holiday while learning Greek at Thessaloniki or in various beautiful locations in Greece.

In case you want to learn the daily expressions of the Greek language that will be useful to you during your trip to Greece, they offer e-learning lessons which will prepare you for the basic communication in your stay. For those who like to dare, they offer intensive greek lessons and they will prepare you for the National Foreign Language Exam System.

Contact Information:

Address: Mitropoleos 17str.- Platia Eleftherias, 2nd floor, Thessaloniki
Τel: +30 6976434089, + 30 6945247282
Ε-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: peekatgreek
Peek at Greek Website:


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