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Holidays at Agistri of Greece

Greek Islands - Coastal Tourism
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An ideal destination for summer vacations, but also for a carefree weekend, Agistri flirts with our senses and invites us to walk on its pine-covered paths, biking and dive in crystal clear waters!

(Agistri in Greek means «hook»)

Text - Photos: Ioanna Paravalou

How to get there:
- By ferry boat from the port of Piraeus (passengers and cars), daily. Travel time: 2 hours.
-With "Flying Dolphins" from the port of Piraeus, daily services. Travel time: 55 '.

Flooded with pine trees which seem bathing in the waves, exotic colors, picturesque villages and lush harbors, Agistri is a small island in the Argosaronic Gulf that generously endowed nature with many pleasures.

A small paradise, so close to Athens, as it is only one hour by flying dolphin or two hours by ferry boat from the port of Piraeus.

Walks in the villages...

There are two ports on the island: Megalochori, also called Mylos (the capital), where flying dolphins flock and Skala where ferry boats arrive.

Skala gathers the most vibrant local life, and there are elegant hotels right on the sandy beach with crystal clear waters, restaurants, fish taverns, cafes and bars. The fun here is for all tastes!

Next to the beach, dominates the whitewashed church of Agioi Anargyroi, with its impressive blue dome. Continuing from Skala towards west, we will reach the settlement of Skliri, with beautiful houses in the green and magnificent sea views.

The road continues until the end of the settlement and from there begins the forest path to Halikiada beach.

Another unique settlement on the island is Metochi. Built high, with beautiful houses and artful gardens, it enjoys incredible views of Skala, Megalochori, the surrounding islands, even the island Aegina.

The "Flying Dolphins" from Piraeus flock at the leeward port of Megalochori, as well as the sailing boats, yachts and fishing boats of the island.

It is also called Mylos, from the only flour mill on the island that operated until the 1960s.

We pass the first image of hotels and apartments and enter the center of the settlement, where we leave the car to walk to its picturesque, spotless neighborhoods that start from the church Zoodochos Pigi.

At picturesque Limenaria and Maresa... by foot

Amidst pine slopes, olive trees and cypress trees, one of the most beautiful villages of the island, Limenaria finds shelter.

Walking through its picturesque neighborhoods, we see old stone houses, blossomed courtyards, while in the village square, where the church of Agia Kiriaki dominates, there is a tavern-café.

Walking further from the square for about ten minutes, we will reach a verdant area and a rocky beach, Maresa or Mariza, with clear blue sea, ideal for diving from the rocks and underwater fishing.

Swimming at the exotic beaches of the island...

By car or bike, we visit one of the most enchanting beaches on the island, Aponisos, with dazzling exotic colors and a good seafood tavern for ouzo and fresh fish.

On the islet, which is joined by a bridge and enjoys the best views, we find umbrellas and sun loungers.

On our way up here we meet the lake of the island. In the background, on the hill, we can see the white church of Prophet Elias, which overlooks the whole island…

The favorite pebble beach, flooded with pine trees, is Dragona (or Dragoonera), with a canteen and a few sun loungers, ideal for enjoying the sun and the sea!

Walking to Halikiada beach...

All the beaches of the island have easy access by car, except of Halikiada, the exotic white pebble beach with the emerald waters, which is reachable only by foot. We follow the path after the settlement of Skliri, which is next to Skala (about 20 'walk), crossing a beautiful path through the pine trees.

Piece of advice! We prepare ourselves with umbrella, water and fruit before we start. The view from the top of Halikiada is breathtaking by its beauty and its transparent waters and surely compensate us for the long walk…

The afternoon finds us in Skala and it is the best time for a romantic stroll with a hackney, following the coastal road to Megalochori and enjoying the magnificent sunset...

As the night falls, we enjoy good food at the island's taverns and in its bars we have a great time with our company!

Hiking on forest trails Agistri, is an ideal destination for those who love hiking.

In this way, we will be able to breathe the smells of the pine forest, trekking in the old retsina`s paths, we will climb peaks with panoramic views, and we will photograph incredible wildflowers.

The Association of Professionals in Agistri, in cooperation with the Municipality, has made a significant effort to develop a network of hiking trails on the island. Paths of Greece ( is responsible for the construction of the hiking trails network.

Cycling all day!

For those who love cycling, a beautiful route is from Skala to Megalochori, along the sea... Even better is a bike ride on the island's forest paths with beautiful nature, pine trees and olive groves. We can take our own bike to the island or rent one for the whole day.

Water games...

Agistri is ideal for sea kayak. We discover plenty of beaches ideal for water sports, for swimming, windsurfing and water skiing. The rocky seabed in many parts of the island is ideal for underwater fishing and diving.

Sea excursions

By sailing boats or speed boats (for 6 people) we tour the island and discover the islands around Agistri (Metopi, Dorousa, Kira and Spalathonisi), with beaches exclusively for us and our friends... 



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