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Endless walks in the freshly white painted cobbled streets of Chora (capital) and in the battlements of the Castle, swimming in crystal clear seas, trekking in shady canyons and idyllic waterfalls, sempreviva (a yellow flower that grows only in Kythira) and fresh seafood with ouzo on the beach...

I left the small marina behind where I park my boat during the winter, having in mind the pleasure of drinking a cold beer escaping from the hot summer sun under the shade of a plane tree or a good coffee with the sunset as background, or a glass of ouzo (Greek traditional aperitif) with seafood sitting next to the waves. I know that this is waiting for me every time I enter my inflatable boat and sail the Greek seas.

At its seashore the pine trees are touching the waves. On the freshly white painted uphill cobbled streets of Chora, you feel the beatings of her "heart". If the mingling of the mountain and the sea is what you are looking for in your vacation, you will fall in love with it.

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