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Peek at Greek – Greek language and culture lessons

Workshops in Greece
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Peek at Greek is a modern Greek language and culture school, where teachers specialized in the acquisition of Greek as a second/foreign language, rich experience and passion for teaching combine their love for language with their love for every element of history and culture.

Language teaching is for Peek at Greek something more than just memorizing rules and words. It is a journey to place and time that this school chooses to do with you.

-The teachers at Peek at Greek enjoy teaching Greek, walking the streets of our country, learning its history and chatting with locals, as they come in contact with the Greek nature, art and entertainment.

-They discover together with their students the language that is hidden in songs, movies, tales and recipes.

-They come, therefore, out of the limits of the standard class and they teach Greek through traveling, hiking or making a historic walk.

Greek language lessons during holidays in Greece:

The lovers of alternative tourism have the chance to combine their holidays in Greece with the acquaintance of the Greek language and Greek customs. Rich activities, individually and in groups, suitable for all language levels, bring you into contact with Greek culture. You can register in the classes alone, or come with your friends or your family and share this unique experience with them!

Make learning an enjoyable procedure and a chance to explore the Greek culture and history!

Address to:

  • Students of the Greek language
  • Greeks living abroad who wish to learn or to enrich their Greek language
  • Lovers of alternative tourism interested in learning the Greek language and culture
  • Families that wish to spend a creative holiday and learn all together

Intensive Greek language courses:

Courses and educational activities address to adults of all levels. Intensive individual and group lessons are offered to those who wish to learn the Greek language through innovative language teaching methods and communication activities, enabling preparation for state exams in Greek.

Address to:

  • Students of the Greek language
  • Greeks living abroad who wish to learn or enrich their Greek language
  • Immigrants who wish to learn the Greek language

Online Greek language lessons:

Online Greek language courses are suitable for both adults and children. The scheduling is flexible and suitable for your own needs. Greek language students can maintain contact with the Greek language and culture, overcoming the obstacle of geographical distance and at the same time prepare for the Greek language certification exams.

Address to:

  • Greeks living abroad (adults and children) who wish to learn or enrich their Greek language
  • Students of the Greek language
  • Immigrants wishing to learn Greek

Language teaching seminars:

Training courses regarding teaching Greek as a second/foreign language to teachers of the Greek language who live and work abroad. We bring you into contact with the innovative language teaching approaches that dominate in the recent literature through workshops and seminars. Combine your holidays with your training, or register in online seminars.

Address to:

  • People who teach the Greek language abroad
  • Teachers who wish to be trained in language teaching issues

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